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Beginning in Silicon Valley in the mid 1990s, Rafe has founded, invested in and advised dozens of startups, including Internet Sports Network, Expert Insight, Full Tilt Poker, Crowdfunder and The Crypto Company. Along the way, he's won multiple awards for video production and cancer prevention, and raised millions of dollars for charitable causes.

While at Crowdfunder, Rafe created and managed the first-ever index fund for early stage venture capital. His other fintech innovations include the Personal Investment Contract and various Invest-it-Forward vehicles.

Rafe holds a B.S. in Symbolic Systems (Stanford University), M.S. in Computer Science / Artificial Intelligence (Stanford University) and a World Series of Poker Championship in Pot Limit Holdem.


To date, Rafe's companies have generated over $1 Billion in revenue and $450 Million in liquidity to stakeholders.

Written about

"The epitome of a modern day Renaissance man— a twenty-first-century polymath."  

- James Marshall Reilly, Shake The World​​


  • 2006 Aurora Award: Producer, "Beating Blackjack"

  • 2006 Telly Award: Producer, "Beating Blackjack"

  • 2007 Silver Telly Award: Executive Producer, "Final Table Poker"

  • 2007 Congressional Families Award: Excellence in Cancer Awareness

  • 2010 Cancer Champion Award: Prevent Cancer Foundation

"The thoughtfulness he brings makes Rafe my go-to for any dilemma or whenever I just need a deep thinker to bounce things off of.​"

- Annie Duke, World Series of Poker Champion  

"Rafe is an accomplished expert in so many realms it can be tough to keep track of them all."

- Freakonomics Author, Stephen Dubner ​​​​

"Everybody has a superpower. Rafe somehow ended up with the power of transformation.

The more time you spend with Rafe, the better your life will get." 


- Steven Kotler, NY Times Bestselling Author    

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