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The “Peer-of-a-Peer” Community


Unstuck Groups is a free, community-led movement designed to facilitate constructive problem-solving and mutual support among individuals facing personal or professional challenges. 


Rooted in a foundation of trust, the organizer of any group acts as a bridge, inviting four individuals who share a connection with them, even though the invitees may be strangers to each other. 


This common link fosters a foundation of trust and comfort, laying the groundwork for open and honest conversations. 


In a virtual (or in-person) 90-minute meeting, each participant takes turns presenting a specific problem, challenge, or "block" they're encountering in their life—something that is making them feel “stuck." 


The focus is on sharing experiences rather than offering opinions or discussing divisive topics. 


The listeners actively engage by lending their ears, free from interruptions.


Once a person shares their “stuckness," the group shifts into a supportive mode where others have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions, offer potential solutions, or share personal reflections.


This process encourages diverse perspectives and enables participants to tap into collective wisdom. 


By adhering to guidelines that emphasize active listening, personal experiences, and respectful communication, Unstuck Groups create an environment where individuals can freely express themselves and receive valuable feedback. The aim is not to impose solutions, but to foster a sense of camaraderie and shared growth. 


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