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Advising, Coaching & Consulting

“Everybody has a superpower. Rafe somehow ended up with the power of transformation.

The more time you spend with Rafe, the better your life will get." 

Steven Kotler, 3x NY Times Bestseller, Flow Research Collective


"The thoughtfulness he brings makes Rafe my go-to for any dilemma 

or whenever I just need a deep thinker to bounce things off of. "

Annie Duke, World Series of Poker Champion


“The epitome of a modern-day Renaissance man – a twenty-first century polymath who possesses a
high level of knowledge spanning many areas of focus.”

Shake the World: It’s Not About Finding a Job, It’s About Creating a Life


Advising: $500/mo

  • Monthly Advisory Sessions

  • Invitation to Founder Peer Zooms

  • Access to Founder Slack


Coaching (pre-funding): $2K/mo

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Invitation to Founder Peer Zooms

  • Access to Founder Slack

  • Named Advisor on your site, deck, social


Coaching (post-funding): $6K/mo

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Invitation to Founder Peer Zooms

  • Access to Founder Slack

  • Named Advisor on your site, deck, social

  • Quarterly Deep Dive with your team

  • Add me to your Slack

  • Just-in-Time Support

"Anti-Coaching": $500/session

Looking for a “red pill” to break you out of
the matrix of your current experience?

Anti-Coaching Application Form

Virtual Office Hours: FREE


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Family Office
  • Beating VC risk-adjusted returns

  • Leading Seed & Pre-Seed Rounds

  • Building a Legacy of Social/Global Impact

  • Coaching for your Team, Clients & Portfolio

  • Strategy, Intros & Diligence

    • Artificial Intelligence

    • Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

    • Fintech: DeFi, DAOs, web3

    • Impact Investment / Social Enterprise​​

    • Science of Cancer

  • Analysis & Intelligence

    • Alternative Energy

    • Decentralization

    • Internet of Things

    • Nanotech

    • Robotics

    • Quantum Computing

    • Synthetic Biology

    • VR, AR, Metaverse

  • Workshops

    • Liberating Strategies for Investment

    • Antifragile Portfolio Construction

    • Leveling Up Your Work Using AI

    • Charity Poker Tournament

  • Multi-Generational Relatability & Alignment 

    • Millennial

    • Gen X

    • Baby Boomer

You have a
huge vision for what’s next...

Winning in today’s world
requires next-level
strategy + alignment of
purpose and values. 

Ready to WIN-WIN?

You’re seeking
fresh tools
for crisis mode...


You've got great game…
so you see how looming
Black Swan events will
require next-level moves.


You've won the game but something's missing...


Age and success make
change more difficult and
require jumping out of
your comfort zones.

Ready to take the LEAP?


➡️ Need to pivot your business model

➡️ Evaluating investment opportunities or a new thesis

➡️ Building an antifragile portfolio

➡️ Making a bold leap in business (or life)

➡️ Seeking values-aligned impact with your wealth & time

➡️ Need help with financial / legal strategy

➡️ Leveling up your poker game

➡️ Divergent thinking & creative solutions

➡️ Concerned about tech disruption

➡️ Leveraging AI, blockchain/web3, fintech

➡️ Understanding hidden trends and seeing around corners

➡️ You’re a crypto or poker pro “coming in from the cold”

➡️ Extraction from existential crisis

➡️ Capturing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 

➡️ The situation is complex, highly uncertain or overwhelming

➡️ The stakes seem uncomfortably high

Looking for my curriculum vitae?

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