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As a founder you are a strategic investor too...

Advising: $500/mo

  • Monthly Advisory Sessions

Coaching (pre-funding): $2K/mo

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Named Advisor on your site, deck, social

Coaching (post-funding): $6K/mo

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Named Advisor on your site, deck, social

  • Quarterly Deep Dive with your team

  • Add me to your Slack

  • Just-in-Time Support

Coaching (pre/post exit): $10K/mo

  • TBD

"Anti-Coaching": $500/session

Looking for a “red pill” to break you out of
the matrix of your current experience?

Anti-Coaching Application Form

Virtual Office Hours: FREE


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➡️ Pivot your business model

➡️ Financial / legal strategy

➡️ Divergent thinking & creative solutions

➡️ Leveraging AI, blockchain/web3, fintech

➡️ Understanding hidden trends and seeing around corners

➡️ Getting maximum liquidity at exit
➡️ Learning how to invest your winnings

➡️ Making a bold leap in business (or life)

➡️ Extraction from existential crisis

➡️ Capturing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 

➡️ The situation is complex, highly uncertain or overwhelming

➡️ The stakes seem uncomfortably high

Let's talk

I help you invest your time, talent & capital to build a profitable, impactful business
I'm not here to raise money for you, but I can help your company attract investment

I'm more interested in helping you succeed without investment though

Since I don't work for your company, I don't take equity

I work for you, to help you achieve your goals

even if that means "pivoting" out of

entrepreneurship altogether

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