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From Wall Street to Main Street: The Magic of Crowdfunding

There's over $200 Trillion held in long term investments worldwide, with a small fraction of a percent going to start new businesses. Meanwhile startups account for half the GDP and 75% of new job creation. There is a quiet revolution taking place due to a confluence of securities law reform and online crowdfunding platforms.

Investing in People


What if you were offered $250,000 for 2% of your lifetime earnings, would you take it?

Some friends and I embarked on this experiment in shared value creation, here's the TED talk I gave about it.

Awesome Office Podcast

Full Tilt Poker, the gaming site that Rafe calls both his greatest success and biggest failure. In April 2011, Full Tilt came to a dramatic and public end, as the federal government seized the company’s domains, brought criminal charges against senior executives, and ran it and 11 other online gaming companies out of the country.

Whole Life Challenge Podcast

Why Good Decisions and Good Outcomes Are Not the Same

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Crypto TED Talk
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