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2006 World Series of Poker
Pot Limit Holdem Champion

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Poker is about making good decisions under conditions of extreme uncertainty and risk. Many of the core principles I've learned from poker over the last 30 years apply to entrepreneurship, investing & life. I love sharing what I've learned.​

Poker & Life

It’s not about you. Be mindful of those around you and you will fare much better than focusing on yourself.  Read Article >>

Life on Full Tilt

In March of 2011 I was on top of the world. I had invested in a unicorn online poker startup, and was making $250,000 per month in dividend checks. It took less than 8 months for my world to be shaken to its core....  Read Article >>

What Startup Investors Can Learn From Quants & Poker Pros

Back in the day, poker and equities trading were both games dominated by gregarious showmen with brass balls who followed their gut, honed by many years in the trenches. These days, both fields are dominated by geeks with data who follow optimal game theory, honed by many (computer-simulated) lifetimes in the trenches.  Read Article >>

The Law of Large Numbers

It’s well-known these days that the standard VC model of investing ignores some fundamental laws of math and cognitive psychology. Poker players learn to avoid these mistakes early in their career or they go bust.  Read Article >>

What poker teaches us about impermanence, suffering and self identity... Read Article >>

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