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Crowdfunder VC Index Fund

At Crowdfunder I created (and invested in) the first truly diversified venture seed fund. We invest alongside top VC firms, at their same terms. As an investor, I get a portfolio of hundreds of professionally validated early-stage deals. Plus I get access to directly invest in the startups I like most.

Historical VC Market Returns

Indexing Beats Active Management

Effect of Portfolio Size on Outcome Probability

Courtesy of Kevin Dick, Right Side Capital

Wall Street Journal

Crowdfunder Opens Access to VC-Backed Deals   


Crowdfunder launches a VC fund for the crowd    Read More >>


This Crowdfunding Platform's New Tool Lets 'The Crowd' Invest Alongside Elite Venture Capitalists    Read More >>

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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a solicitation for investment. If you are an early-stage entrepreneur, you may apply for investment from the Fund here

What Early-Stage Investors Can Learn From Quants & Poker Pros

Back in the day, poker and equities trading were both games dominated by gregarious showmen with brass balls who followed their gut, honed by many years in the trenches. These days, both fields are dominated by geeks with data who follow optimal game theory, honed by many (computer-simulated) lifetimes in the trenches.

VC & The Law of Large Numbers

It’s well-known these days that the standard VC model of investing ignores some fundamental laws of math and cognitive psychology. Poker players learn to avoid these mistakes early in their career or they go bust.

From Wall Street to Main Street: The Magic of Crowdfunding

There's over $200 Trillion held in long term investments worldwide, with a small fraction of a percent going to start new businesses. Meanwhile startups account for half the GDP and 75% of new job creation. There is a quiet revolution taking place due to a confluence of securities law reform and online crowdfunding platforms.

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