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Selected Writings

Purely rational strategies often fall into a trap known as a "prisoner's dilemma" in which everybody loses.

By reintroducing our our compassion, intuition and sense of interdependence, it's possible to do better than traditional game theory predicts.

We explore what it takes to go from lose-lose to win-win.

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Having followed Henry Heng's work on cancer and evolutionary biology for many years, I recently authored The Importance of Henry H. Heng's Genome Architecture Theory which then turned into a Research Features article on Henry's work and my maverick approach to getting the world to understand its importance.

Graduating from the asset allocation model to a barbell

LEFT SIDE: 90% of your portfolio, highly diversified liquid assets

RIGHT SIDE: 10% of your portfolio, high risk/reward, possibly illiquid, but not overly-diversified

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When I wrote this in 2015 the concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization had just been conceived in crypto circles, with the first actual DAO created the following year. In 2021, Uniswap became the first billion dollar DAO, reaching a market cap of over $40 Billion.

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