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Applied game theory

Liberating Strategies for Poker, Business & Life


Building on the concepts introduced in Part 1 we explore how they apply outside of poker, to both competitive and collaborative business situations, and to life in general.

How to win as a founder or venture investor given that:

  • Worst time for startups fundraising since 2001 (when Web 1.0 bubble burst)

  • Tons of incredibly talented people are out of work from the tech layoffs

  • Worst time in history for VCs fundraising from LPs

Liberating Strategies for Poker, Business & Life


Where I teach you to play winning poker blindfolded.

Purely rational strategies often fall into a trap known as a "prisoner's dilemma" in which everybody loses.

By reintroducing our our compassion, intuition and sense of interdependence, it's possible to do better than traditional game theory predicts.

We explore what it takes to go from lose-lose to win-win.

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